Driven by a shared passion for mobilizing culinary excellence, our team of seasoned food truck builders have crafted over 500 fully customized, premium mobile kitchens over the past decade.

Chef Units was founded in 2012 under the visionary guidance of Marco Novo, equipped with a strong engineering background and a passion for innovation. Chef Units emerged bearing the hallmark values of unbeatable craftsmanship, innovative design, and total customer dedication.

We utilize premium, high-quality materials to craft specialty vehicles that are not just functional, but also works of art. We ensure that each space is optimized for efficiency, safety, and functionality to provide a dynamic workspace where culinary creativity can thrive.

In 2023, Chef Units joined hands with boutique venture studio, The J, under ownership of serial entrepreneur Jim Jacobsen, to provide the necessary capital and resources to propel the business towards its fullest potential and continued commitment of mobilizing culinary excellence for all.


Marco Novo

Founder and CEO of Chef Units.

Alfonso Logo

VP at Chef Units | Co-Founder Truck Builders


Specializes in project management.


Specializes in sales and customer support.


Specializes in gas systems, plumbing, and equipment installation.


Specializes in welding with over 10 years of experience


Specializes in electrical work, stainless steel welding, and precision aluminum sheet installation.


Specializes in insulation and aluminum sheet installation, quality control, and operational training.


Graphic designer

Jim Jacobsen

Founder and CEO of The J

Joel Kennedy

Executive VP and CFO of The J

Adrian Garcia

Chief Marketing Officer of The J

Arthur Mooso

Chief Digital Marketing Officer of The J

Haley Kennedy

Digital Marketing Director of The J

Vanessa Loftus

Chief People Officer of The J