General Questions

Our team has completed over 500 custom food truck and trailer builds and can build a diverse range of mobile kitchens tailored for different cuisines, beverages, and dining experiences depending on your specific and unique needs. We currently have 3 main categories to chose from:

1. Food Truck

2. Food Trailer

3. Mobile Food Container

4. Speciality Veihcles (Truck Builders)

Yes, we do have financing options available for your project through our preferred financing partners clicklease and Ascentium Capital.

If you are a business with a lower credit score, you can apply for a loan with clicklease where all credit scores are welcome. There’s no hard credit pull and you get an instant decision in seconds for loans up to $30K.

For more established businesses with higher credit scores, you can apply for a loan with Ascentium. Get an instant decision in a matter of minutes for loans up to $150K.

There are various insurance options for food trucks and trailers. Larger insurance companies like Progressive offer commercial insurance for food trucks and trailers. There are also insurance options available at https://www.insuremyfoodtruck.com/

Several factors influence the timeline of a project, such as the nature of the project, its complexity, items with extended lead times, and the production timetable. Following the signing of contracts and the initial funding, the estimated completion time is around 60 days for food trucks and 30 days for trailers.

Food Trucks, Containers & Speciality Vehicles:

    1. Step 1: Project Consult – We identify your needs, budget, and timeline and provide you with a detailed quote for your project.
    2. Step 2: Upon approval of your quote and signing the contract, the first payment of 20% is due before moving on to the design phase.
    3. Step 3: Design – Our expert design team develops a fully custom 3D design of your vehicle layout.
    4. Step 4: Upon approval of your design, the second payment of 60% is due to begin building.
    5. Step 5: Build – Our master craftsmen meticulously build your mobile kitchen and bring your vision to life. All electrical appliances and utilities are thoroughly tested for quality and safety to ensure everything is functioning perfectly. We also provide thorough training and operational demonstrations.
    6. Step 6: Third payment of 20% is due prior to pick up or delivery.

Food Trailers:

  1. Step 1: Select your Trailer – Explore our range of models to discover the perfect fit for your requirements.
  2. Step 2: Consult with an Advisor – Connect with one of our advisors to discuss your preferences and learn more about our program.
  3. Step 3: Submit your Application – Complete our straightforward application process to get approved swiftly.
  4. Step 4: Get your Trailer – Finalize necessary paperwork, make your initial payment, and embark on your culinary journey hassle-free.

We don’t have lease or rent to own financing options but we do have easy loan financing options through Clikclease and Ascentium.

Our office headquarters and manufacturing space is located at 20702 Hempstead Road, Suite 110 in Houston, TX 77065 and we also deliver throughout all 50 of the United States. Prices for delivery vary from $1.35 per mile to $2.2 per mile depending on market rates.

Yes you can. Chef Units can build a kitchen for your food truck or food trailer that you bring us!

All of our food trailers are made new and the trucks for our food trucks can be new or used. The build-out and equipment inside is always new.

Chef Units has been leading the custom food truck manufacturing space for over a decade. What sets us apart is our commitment to unbeatable craftsmanship and quality, our passion for innovation, and our total customer dedication. From conception of an idea to day-to-day operations, we fully immerse ourselves in every aspect of your business when building your custom food truck or trailer to ensure the future success of your mobile food business.

Absolutely, we can wrap your food truck or trailer with your logo and any custom design or color of your choosing.

Yes! In addition to building your custom food truck or trailer, we’re happy to help you navigate required codes and regulations as well. Usually you will need to contact two agencies in your area to get started: the Health Department and Fire Marshal. Because every city and county has different regulations, it’s not possible for us to list every standard here. For more information regarding food truck permits and licensing, give us a call at (713) 589-2613.

Food Truck Questions

The most popular food truck sizes range between 12 and 24 feet in length, but we can tailor the size of your food truck to fit your exact wants and needs.

All of our food trucks are custom built, so the final price varies based upon the unique wants and needs of each business. Below is a break down of average cost ranges for the 4 main components of a custom food truck build to give you an estimate of the total cost:

1. Vehicle Cost: $60K – $140K

2. Fabrication and Build Costs: $40K – $150K (priced at $3K – $5K per linear foot)

3. Equipment and Appliances Costs: $10K – $50K

4. Exterior Design Costs: $2.5K – $25K

Absolutely! We provide a variety of options in terms of equipment and layout. We will offer our expert guidance based on your business needs to help you choose the kitchen equipment and layout that best suits your menu and cooking needs.

Kitchen equipment within the truck, such as grills, fryers, refrigerators, and ovens, must be maintained according to the manufacturer’s instructions. Like any vehicle, a food truck requires regular mechanical maintenance. This includes engine checks, oil changes, tire inspections, brake checks, and ensuring all lights and signals are operational. Our equipment and vehicles come with manufacturer maintance handbooks upon delivery.

Food Container Questions

A mobile food container (or shipping container restaurant) is a unique and trendy concept where we convert a shipping container into a fully functional and stylish dining establishment. These containers offer a cost-effective way to enter the food service industry and provide a unique and distinctive dining experience.

Our food containers are available in 20 feet and 40 feet sizes.

All of our mobile food containers are custom built, so the final price varies based upon the unique wants and needs of each business. Below is a break down of average cost ranges for the 4 main components of a custom food container build to give you an estimate of the total cost:

1. Container Costs: $5K – $8K

2. Fabrication and Build Costs: $50K – $100K (priced at $2.5K per linear foot)

3. Equipment and Appliances Costs: $10K – $50K

4. Exterior Design Costs: $2.5K – $25K

Food Trailer Questions

We can design and build any food or concession trailer to fit your unique needs. Whether you’re planning to serve fast food, gourmet dishes, desserts, or just beverages, we can create a food trailer to meet all your needs and requirements.

The final price will depend on your specific design preferences and requirements, but we currently offer 3 different food trailer options. Our food trailer sizes and starting prices are listed below:

– 12 ft Trailer starts at $27,999

– 16 ft Trailer starts at $35,999

– 20 ft Trailer starts at $38,999

From griddles and ovens to fryers, refrigerators, and beyond, we can incorporate any necessary equipment into your food or concession trailer. Our team will work closely with you to ensure your food trailer is equipped with the kitchen appliances that best align with your culinary needs and menu offerings.

We currently offer three different size options for food or concession trailers:

– 12 ft Trailer

– 16 ft Trailer

– 20 ft Trailer

– 24 ft Trailer

Our trailers are engineered for effortless transportation and set up. They are capable of being towed to a variety of locations, which makes them perfect for a range of events and environments.